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Cleveland Wills attorney Jack Tapper has been counseling clients and preparing Wills for them for over 38 years. At the Bradley County Law Offices of Jack W. Tapper, you can be assured of confidentiality when consulting about the sensitive information required for planning your estate objectives. Your Last Will is prepared only after a personal consultation with you in which Jack Tapper will listen intently to the status of ownership of your assets, your outstanding debts, your family tree, and the goals and objectives you want to accomplish in caring for your loved ones upon your death. Your Will is prepared on a personal, customized basis, not from a “fill-in-the-blanks” form.

The effectiveness of the distribution of your assets depends substantially on how your assets are titled and whether there are outstanding debts or liens against the assets, as well as how the beneficiaries are designated on life insurance policies, IRA’s, and other deferred compensation arrangements and entitlements from your past or present employment. To get the best, personalized service based on your personal desires, don’t fall for the store bought forms or “fill-in-the-blanks” version of a proposed Will when they don’t take into consideration all of the things you need to know about how your Will operates on various assets, and what happens when some named beneficiaries do not survive you.

Get the trained, and experienced legal advice from Cleveland, Tennessee Wills Attorney Jack Tapper to get the job done specially designed for you.

Many people delay getting a Last Will prepared because they don’t want to face the prospect or thought of dying. What they don’t consider is that the preparation of a Last Will is an act of love; it shows how much you care for those who are important to you, and how you want the process of paying your debts and preserving and distributing your assets to go smoothly when you are gone. And for those who have families with minor children, the importance of having a Will is even greater, especially for providing for the appointment of guardians for your minor children if both spouses do not survive a tragic event, and for establishing an orderly provision for their support and maintenance through a trust in your Will or a separate trust until they reach the age of majority.

If you choose to die without a Will (referred to as “intestate”) you are leaving it to the State where you reside to decide who will inherit the assets that are not owned jointly with others, or left to a named beneficiary, such as through a Life Insurance policy or an IRA. Tennessee law provides for the list of heirs who are entitled to your assets if you do not have a Will when you die. And if you have minor children, and both spouses do not survive a tragic event, someone will need to obtain approval through a court proceeding for appointment of a legal guardian for them; monies to which they are entitled may wind up having to be deposited in court for their behalf, causing a cumbersome and expensive proceeding.

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Trusts, From Simple to Complex

When it comes to trusts, from simple to complex, Cleveland Trust Attorney Jack Tapper has been counseling clients and preparing Trusts for over 38 years. He has the experience and skills on consulting with you confidentially to determine if you need a trust for your estate planning objectives, and if so, what kind is best for you.

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Cleveland attorney Jack Tapper welcomes you to his law office and is committed to serving your needs with the respect, confidentiality, and personal attention you deserve. He consults and prepares Trusts in Tennessee throughout Bradley County, Polk County, McMinn County, Meigs County, Monroe County, and Hamilton County, including the cities of Cleveland, Athens, Decatur, Charleston, Chattanooga, Calhoun, Benton, Old Fort, Ooltewah, Etowah, Ocoee, Madison, Ducktown, and Turtletown and all cities and towns in between.

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