Speaker/Author Jack W. Tapper

Professional speaker JACK TAPPER, and author of his blockbuster book, “Smoking Guns and Paper Trails: How Your Words and Actions in the Workplace BACKFIRE!” takes the stage for business groups, Rotary clubs, Kiwanis, and other community and private organizations and wows audiences on his eye-opening presentations.

As a seasoned trial counsel, JACK TAPPER gives you straight talk, no legal mumbo-jumbo, on business issues that awaken employees and company officers to the dangers that lurk in your every day world. Consider these questions:

Did you write an email today? It could be worth a million dollars! Not to you…to your opponents, as a smoking gun that will nail your company and you into a staggering jury verdict.

Are you aware of all the paper trails you leave behind? Aside from emails, you may be creating smoking guns right now in memos, files, or planners that will come back to haunt you when they fall into someone else’s hands. You could be your own worst enemy!

Do you know if your desktop, laptop, blackberry, i-pod, or i-phone is already “smoking?” In fact, everything you say, do, or write can become a breeding ground of trouble for your company, if you don’t know how litigation works.

If you’re a business-minded and career conscious person—no matter what field or rank—Smoking Guns and Paper Trails is a “must-read” from author JACK TAPPER, with years of experience as an adjunct professor of law, and trial lawyer counseling risk management divisions of Fortune 500 companies, and defending business, contractual, and personal injury cases nationwide. (Click here for a profile of his experience.) As a professional speaker, JACK TAPPER awakens you to the traps that surround you in the workplace. His groundbreaking book reveals:

If you are in any business or profession and don’t want to fall into the traps that build huge jury awards for your opponents, you NEED his book, Smoking Guns and Paper Trails: How your Words and Actions in the Workplace BACKFIRE!, and you NEED to call JACK TAPPER and hire him as keynote speaker for your business or community group.