How Your Words and Actions in the Workplace BACKFIRE!

Your desktops, laptops, blackberries, i-phones, and palmtops may already be filled with “smoking guns.” In fact, everything you say, do, or write can become a breeding ground to trap you, or your company, if you don’t know the system. But you CAN work smarter…and stay ahead of the game.

Professional speaker, author, and attorney JACK TAPPER, with over 38 years as a civil practice lawyer, college professor, risk management leader, and trial counsel, including 10 of them as a Fortune 500 in-house counsel, talks straight-talk, no legal mumbo-jumbo, in his eye-opening book for all business-minded people.

He shows you how, why, when, and where these smoking guns appear in your workplace, and what you need to know so your words and actions won’t backfire from the business page to the front page, or wind up as a courtroom exhibit on a magnified projection screen.

If you’re a business-minded and career-conscious person—no matter what field or rank—Smoking Guns and Paper Trails is a "must-read" from a master at pre-emptive risk management controls. Heed the call and gain the advantage—before the other side takes it!

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Read some excerpts from the book:

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