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Bradley County, Tennessee Estate and Probate Lawyer Jack Tapper, Experienced Estate Attorney

Estate and Probate Attorney Jack Tapper provides comprehensive services to administer estates of all types, from simple to complex. From probate of a decedent’s Last Will to filing appropriate tax returns for the estate, and finalizing the distribution of assets and payment of all debts, he counsels the Executor every step of the way making the administration an easy experience. For estates involving decedents who died without a Will, he will prepare and file the necessary court papers to appoint an Administrator for the estate and follow through on advising you on all that needs to be done for an easy administrative process.

Probate and Administration
The term “probate” does not have to be a fearsome term or experience. The process of “proving” the validity of a Will is usually straightforward without need of anguish. The result is the official appointment of an Executor named in the Will, giving that person the authority to handle all aspects of administering the collection of assets of the decedent, paying the decedent’s bills, and distributing the assets in accordance with the decedent’s directions. With estate attorney Jack Tapper representing you, be assured the estate will be administered and distributed as promptly as the Executor can take care of the checklist of items that need to be done, as guided by counsel.

Testate and Intestate Estates
Cleveland, Tennessee Probate Attorney Jack Tapper has the experience to assist you at reasonable fees to administer estates with or without a Will. When you administer an estate where the decedent died with a Will, it is said that the decedent died “testate.” When you administer an estate for probate where the decedent died without a Will, it is said the decedent died “intestate.” In this case, you need the court to appoint a surviving spouse or next of kin as an “administrator” with authorization to handle all matters concerning the decedent’s assets and debts, and ultimately, distribution to the heirs.

At the Law Offices of Jack W. Tapper, the job gets done efficiently and with the high quality service you expect, and with reasonable fees that depend on the actual work performed, not on the size of the estate.

Estate Planning Attorney Jack W. Tapper
Estate plans are tailored for you. At the Law Offices of Jack W. Tapper, everything we do for you is custom-tailored to your specific needs. Our estate planning documents are not forms for fill-in-the-blanks. Your needs and objectives are more important than “fill-in” forms.

We listen to your needs and discuss the best plan for you based on your objectives and your financial condition. The estate planning documents include Wills, revocable living trusts, general durable powers of attorney, including durable powers of attorney for health care, known as Advanced Health Care Directives, as well as Living Wills.

The effectiveness of your estate plan depends on you and how soon you take action to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney. Cleveland Estate Planning attorney Jack Tapper has been handling estate and probate matters for over 38 years, and he knows how to reach your objectives in the most efficient manner. For those who need a revocable living trust, he can prepare one for you with reasonable fees, but for those who don’t need such a trust, he can guide you through the appropriate documents that are best for you, such as:

Act now to get your estate in order.
It’s an act of love and care for all of your loved ones.

Many people delay the decision to make a Will or related estate planning documents. Some say they don’t want to think about it. The time, however, to make your decision is NOW, when you still have the mental capacity to sign such documents. Don’t wait until it is too late, when an unexpected illness puts you in the hospital and you are so incapacitated and incapable of understanding what you are signing that you cannot make a valid and effective Will or Power of Attorney. You owe it to your spouse and children.

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In addition to Wills and Powers of Attorney, Cleveland Trust Attorney Jack Tapper has the experience in preparing trusts for your needs, from simple to complex revocable living trusts, irrevocable insurance trusts, marital deduction trusts, testamentary trusts, Miller trusts, Asset Protection Trusts, and more.

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