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The Law Offices of Jack W. Tapper are your one-stop firm for all your business law services, from choosing the right form of business structure for start-up companies, preparing all the documents you need to form your company, advising you on every aspect of business operations, including business and commercial transactions, employee issues, contracts and negotiations, and business litigation.

Business Formation in Tennessee
When it comes to choosing the form of business structure that is right for your purposes, you have a wide variety of choices in Tennessee. The choices can affect your costs in start-up expenses, taxes, and costs of operation, including the State’s filing fees for different types of businesses and the annual yearly fees to the State to maintain an ongoing operation. Additional issues involve the extent of personal liability of owners, numerous regulations and statutes affecting the manner of conducting your business, and the tax consequences of the types of income, expenses, and distributions your business generates. You need the competent and experienced advice that Cleveland Business Lawyer Jack Tapper can give you.

The Law Offices of Jack W. Tapper provide full services in forming any business structure including:

Cleveland Business/Commercial Lawyer Jack Tapper
Cleveland Business Lawyer Jack Tapper has over 38 years experience representing business people of all types, from sole proprietors to small and mid-size companies to Fortune 500 Companies and their officers, employees, and directors. He has been in-house counsel to Fortune 500 Companies and he knows the issues business people encounter—from running a business with thousands of employees to managing a small or medium sized business with just a few employees, or even a sole proprietorship. He has also had many years in private practice advising companies as outside counsel.

The range of business and commercial law services at the Law Offices of Jack W. Tapper is comparable to firms much larger, and the difference is you get the personal attention of an experienced lawyer—not  an associate—who  can provide you with advice on opportunities and pitfalls involved in any business transaction or dispute.

For all your business and commercial law needs in Bradley County, Polk County, McMinn County, Meigs County, Monroe County, and Hamilton County, Tennessee, call Business Lawyer Jack Tapper and count on his professional experience and skills  for all your business law needs, including:

Experienced Business Trial Lawyer, Bradley County, Tennessee
Business trial Lawyer Jack Tapper recognizes that we live in a litigation-oriented culture, and it is not always possible to avoid lawsuits in your business operations. Although he focuses on protecting you from potential litigation, you can be assured of aggressive representation when faced with a lawsuit.  He will resolve the dispute as efficiently as possible, depending on your objectives, and aggressively defend your interests. Call the Law Offices of Jack W. Tapper for your business litigation needs, including:

Speaker, Author, and Business Litigation Lawyer Jack Tapper
When it comes to avoiding the pitfalls of everyday operation of your business by the way you and your employees handle emails and other communications, and the way you inter-relate with employees, Cleveland lawyer Jack Tapper has written the book on it! His best-selling book, SMOKING GUNS AND PAPER TRAILS: How Your Words and Actions in the Workplace BACKFIRE  has information you need to protect yourself and your company. It’s a must read for all business entrepreneurs and all business people who want to keep their jobs by avoiding the pitfalls that most persons take for granted.

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At the Law Offices of Jack W. Tapper, you are not just a file number; you are an important client who deserves personal attention and respect for your time and needs, as well as your finances. You can expect superior service, an excellent client relationship, and a responsive return call when you need him. Cleveland business lawyer Jack Tapper conducts his law firm with integrity to build a solid foundation with his clients for the long-term. When you draw on his long-time, broad range of experience, you will get creative, cost-effective legal solutions for all your business needs.

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