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Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee by Jack W. Tapper
The grounds for obtaining a divorce in Tennessee are provided by statute law, found in Tennessee Codes Annotated (T.C.A.) 36-4-101. You can obtain a divorce on any one or more of these...
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How Does the Court Decide on Alimony in Tennessee? by JACK W TAPPER
The amount and type of alimony to be awarded to a spouse is determined by the court if the parties to the divorce cannot otherwise agree. The court considers a number of factors based on the circumstances of each case... (Read How the Court Decides)

In a Tennessee Divorce, How Are Marital Assets Divided? Marital vs Separate Assets: Which is Which? by Jack W Tapper
In Tennessee, the courts have wide discretion on how to divide marital assets to arrive at an equitable distribution between divorcing spouses. The first important step is to determine...
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Contested vs. Uncontested Divorces
When you’re looking for a low-priced uncontested divorce and don’t know exactly what “uncontested” really means in that context and how different it is from a contested divorce, here’s a brief summary of the differences between  a “contested” and “uncontested” divorce and what you need to know about each, especially if minor children are involved.
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